Package Price Commission

Want to earn a recurring monthly income?

With BlastHosting's affiliate program, you can do just that. Every sale you refer will result in a 10% commission. This includes every product and service BlastHosting sells. Though the commissions may look small at first glance, we provide a recurring revenue opportunity. Just sell 10 Discovery packages and your hosting account will be free for life. Not until the customers you refer decide to cancel will you lose the commission for that account.

Why is this better than other programs?

Most affiliate programs pay a flat fee for referrals. This does nothing for affiliates who refer long time customers who are valuable to the company. With a recurring revenue stream, you can initially refer enough customers to pay for your hosting account then relax as your hosting account is paid for the duration of your referral's accounts. If you decide to refer more than your account costs, you can relax as you watch the checks arrive in the mail. In addition, BlastHosting offers many products and services at very reasonable prices which makes it extremely easy to find interested customers. BlastHosting also enjoys a low turnover rate for accounts and a high quality of service to retain referred accounts. After you have referred the customer and he/she has ordered, your job is done. Affiliates do not need to provide any support to the customers they refer.

How do I get paid?

BlastHosting will credit your hosting account the amount of your referrals. Once your referral income surpasses your hosting fees, you will be sent a check once your referrals reach $20. You may also elect to keep the additional credit for future purchases.

How can I join?

All current customers are eligible to enroll in the program. Just click here to have us set up a referral ID for you. After that, you may create any banners or advertisements to promote the product with your referral link. Cookies will be used to remember referrals and will allow you to get the commission for anyone who clicks your link and orders within 45 days. Spam or unsolicited advertisements will not be tolerated and reports of this activity will result in termination of your affiliate account, hosting account, and forfeiture of any earnings.

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