IT Outsourcing   Web Development
Many organizations require the services of an IT department, but not enough to justify hiring additional full time staff. BlastHosting can fill this void. If your organization requires only a few on-site visits per month but still needs the day to day operations of a help desk to troubleshoot miscellaneous business application, internet, and computer problems, BlastHosting's IT Outsourcing solutions were built just for you. Our staff can troubleshoot most of your problems remotely through the use of email, a support ticket system, and phone support. If the problem does require an on-site visit, an appointment can be set up to diagnose the problem.   Currently, there is a large movement of business applications from the deskop to an internet based platform. This allows employees and customers to interact with the system from anywhere they can access the internet. BlastHosting can develop dynamic internet applications to allow more efficient communication and interaction between employees, contacts, and customers. Utilizing PHP and MySQL, BlastHosting can design custom applications tailored exactly to your needs. From intranets to extranets, web based applications can raise the bottom line, which is why BlastHosting's clients range from internet startups to investment firms.
Automation Solutions   On-Site Consulting
Many businesses rely on low wage employees to do routine tasks. BlastHosting, LLC can save your business money by creating applications to automate these common tasks. From data collection to automatic client control systems, we can tailor a solution designed specifically to meet your needs. In addition to the cost savings, these applications often complete the task many more times faster than employees would be able to and can be run many times a day, providing valuable real time data that is invaluable in the information age. In an age where bureaucracy becomes inpenetrable, it becomes more and more important to run your business as efficiently as possible to allow yourself to have complete control over the business and the time to form relationships with your customers.   With an emphasis on helping small businesses, BlastHosting provides on-site consulting services to help organizations succeed in the internet age. Many consulting companies have alterior motives such as hardware vending and software commissions that command their suggestions so that they can take your money through yet another avenue. BlastHosting knows the needs of small businesses and utilizes open source and free technologies to create a computer system designed specifically for the organization's needs. We will never recommend unnecessary, expensive upgrades for systems that already do what they were designed to do. With the first hour free, there is not reason why you shouldn't try BlastHosting for your next consulting job. Services are available in the Austin, TX metro area.



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